Wednesday, December 4, 2013

AQ: Using the Search Functions...

     Locating family members, documentation and connections are some of the main activities genealogists and family historians spend a good majority of their time to conduct research.

     There are many ways to conduct research today, online, a library, an achive, and of course through family interviews. Today we will review the help aids with online research provided within Ancestral Quest.

     One of the prompts when installing Ancestral Quest is the ability to View Links, this happens when you put your database file into "pedigree view" and looks like this:

     Notice the links at the end of each box, when you click either one it will take you to for that person where you are able to locate additional family information. If you do not have a subscription to, it will alllow you to view some of the information but not all. If these links are not visible it is because they are not 'checked' for viewing. Under view menu you will see in the dropdown menu where it needs to be checked like this:

     With the checkmark next to ' Links' you will be able to click straight through for the highlighted individual.

Additional places to search in a similar way are found under 'Internet' dropdown menu which looks like this:

     Notice that this is another way to link to but also FamilySearch, World Vital Records and 'Favorite Sites'.

     There are two 'Favorite Sites' links. This first one listed opens up 'My Favorite Web Sites' and comes pre-programmed with some sites you can visit to further your genealogical research. You can select from the list that is there or add your own sites, you can also remove any you deem not necessary. Here is a screen shot of this menu box:

     Notice the various buttons that allow you to work in this screen. The second entry 'Search Favorite Sites', You will be brought to this Search a Web Site screen when you select an Internet site that is searchable.

     If you selected the Internet:Search Favorite Sites menu item, you will need to:

1. Select a site to search
2. Select a person to search on

     If you were brought to this screen another way, the site will have already been selected, so all you need do is select a person to search for (you can change the selected site if you wish).

     The person highlighted on the main view will be the default person to search for. You can change this by pushing the change button.

     When you have the proper site and person selected, press the Perform Internet Search button to activate the search.

     Hopefully learning about these search features within Ancestral Quest will aid you in your own research!

Remember comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...
Claire ;)
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