Monday, April 28, 2014

AQ: Setting Those Preferences...

Most software programs come with default settings and it is up to the user to adjust those settings to their liking, however, often the individual has no idea they have that kind of control over the performance of their software.

Ancestral Quest manages these adjustments through its Preferences Screen. To get there, one goes to "Tools" and then scrolls down and clicks on "Preferences" which brings up the following Preferences Box.

Notice that there are a number of Tabs to help you adjust everything from the date format to the size of the fonts and many other items in between.

On this General tab you can attach RINs to a person or the FamilySearch ID instead. You also can choose different colors and this is where you can check or not check for any of the LDS options.

The database tab allows you to set who is in that first position when you open up your program. You can choose between the same first person or the last person you were working on when you closed down.

When you click on the "Record Changes" under Log Changes, it keeps a list of what you do when you are working on your file. This can be most helpful if you need to re-track your steps. It also allows you to set how you want to label your backup files, and other search options.

This is the format tab that allows you to state how you want dates, places and names show in the database. 

The font tab allows you to change the size of the fonts throughout the various screens that are part of Ancestral Quest using the drop down arrow.

There are a few other tabs one should take time to review to make sure everything is set to your liking and creating a better environment to work in!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

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Happy Ancestraling...
Claire ;)
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