Thursday, June 26, 2014

AQ: Add-On Products: AniMap 3.0.2

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The second in our series of programs that work well with Ancesral Quest is AniMap 3.0.2 which is by The Goldbug.

Maps are critical tools for anyone researching their ancestors. AniMap shows an animated map of each of the 48 contiguous states. Each state map contains county boundary changes from colonial times to the present. 

One can use their SiteFinder to locate hundreds of thousands of cities, cemeteries or historical sites, then plot them on the appropriate state maps of AniMap.

One can also choose a year to see which county that site was located at that time. Once you know this you'll know the correct location for those county records or a repository to find information on your ancestor.

Their website, provides additional information along with two wonder videos to show how valuable this software is to your research. The first one is from GenealogyWise and the second one is a video showing how to export and locate images.

This product is completely compatible with Ancestral Quest.

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