Friday, August 15, 2014

Setting Your Preferences

Under the "Tools" drop down menu is where one can set some preferences with how they want their database to function. Once one scrolls down and clicks that option there is an array of tabs to choose from that allow changes to be made from the defaults that are pre-set in the program.

The first tab it defaults to in "General". Here you can say whether you want to attach RIN numbers or FamilySearch ID numbers to a person's name, have 'Quick Entry' set up which helps when entering in places as well as activating or not activating LDS features. Here is a screen shot:

You'll also note that one can adjust the color scheme and add a password if you wish. 

I usually don't use that password function as there are times one forgets and it is not that easy to retrieve it. Also note that there is a 'Help' box in case there is something under this tab that one is not sure how it functions. The "Help" function goes through each item and provides additional detailed information to help one decide whether to check it or not.

We'll cover the next couple of tabs in future blog posts!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

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Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;)

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