Friday, May 15, 2015

AQ Newsletters

Ancestral Quest has a monthly newsletter that you should be receiving by email. 

We've had a newsletter since March, 2014 that is packed with ideas, tips, the latest updates, what's coming and information on ways to use different features. It is worth your time to review these each month. Here is the front of the newsletter:

If you are missing any of the newsletters, they are now available here: Newsletter Archives.

Additionally, we are on Facebook for those who are into Social Media, you can post questions, share ideas and success stories for others to read. Here is the link to our Facebook page:

We also post tips and lots of inspirational and funny comments regarding genealogy and family history! For instance, our post today looks like this:

Learning about all the great features in Ancestral Quest will definitely help improve your research skills and in locating those elusive ancestors!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;)

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