Friday, June 19, 2015

Common Options

Ever wonder how to Suppress RINs and MRINs in reports? There are other things that sometimes come into play when working on reports that may help you do a better report.

On nearly every report there is a button that says "Common Options". Often as we work on reports we concentrate so much on the report that it is easy to miss noticing that button. But if you click it, it will allow you to do those things and more. Here is a screen shot for the Pedigree charts:

As you can see it is at the bottom in the middle, however, other charts will have it in a different location.

The key is to look carefully as the button moves around on different charts depending on the room available.

Once you click it, you'll have the ability to suppress those items:

The object is to create the best looking report and while you may want the RINs, you may not want the MRINs so the choice is up to you. 

Take advantage of this feature next time you go to create that special report!