Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Moving Notes into FamilySearch FamilyTree

Notes are a convenient way to add bits of information for an ancestor. Whether its a copy of an obituary or a link to a newspaper article, or additional back up information specific to that one ancestor.

In Ancestral Quest, one simply clicks on the "Notes" button from the "Edit Individual" screen and enters all that one wishes to be there. Knowing that this is a "Flat-text" file, no formatting occurs in this format. You can add quotes and punctuation but that is it.

The next step would be to share those notes to the same ancestor in FamilySearch Family Tree. To do this, login to FamilySearch and click on the blue tree to open up this individual's FamilySearch Family Tree entry highlighting the "notes" area at the bottom:

You should be able to see how there are notes on one side and not the other. There is a link at the top, however, that is only a note about the "Burial" information and the rest of the notes are not in FamilySearch Family Tree.

To bring those notes over, click on the "Notes" button at the bottom.

Here you see that the burial information is there, to simplify this whole notes section, we will move all of the notes over and change the title to "Additional Family Information". To do this, we highlight everything on the left side and use the keystrokes "Control" + "C" and the keystrokes "Control" + "V" to paste them to the other side. 

Note that information has now been copied over, the title was changed and a reason provided for adding the information, once we click on 'Save', that information will be there in FamilySearch Family Tree.

All that information is hidden behind a link labeled "Additional Family Information"

Clicking that link now brings up all the information on both sides showing it is in both locations:

Now that we have copied all the notes, we are done with this individual's update to FamilySearch Family Tree and we click the "Close" button to bring us back to our own database/family file. 

This is the way to add your notes in your AQ file to FamilySearch Family Tree.

Enjoy this and many other features in Ancestral Quest!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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