Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AQ Basics or AQ Full Version?


Choosing between Ancestral Quest Basics and Ancestral Quest Full Version can prove to be confusing. Sometimes one requires time to check out a program and to see if the program is for them. 

Ancestral Quest runs on the Windows operating system and provides a way for anyone doing genealogical or family history research to record their findings. This program is easy to learn and packed with many wonderful features. 

For individuals who were using PAF, it is an easy switch over as it was created from the code provided by Incline software in 1999 making users feel right at home using the screens, reports and other functions that are so familiar to them.

Ancestral Quest (AQ) was also the first desktop family tree program to be certified to access, update and sync with the family tree database of new.familysearch and is now Family Tree Share Certified to work with the new Family Tree.  To add to the value of AQ, it is the only software certified to share data between PAF 5 and the FamilySearch Family Tree

So just what is the difference between the two programs besides the cost? AQ has developed a chart to help you decide which program is for you. 

The list covers over 5 pages of various features in these categories:
  • Research
  • Family Search Family Tree Compatibility
  • Notes and Sources
  • Multimedia / Scrapbook
  • Internet
  • Navigation
  • Tools
  • Merging
  • Language
  • Collaboration
  • Technical Support

We think you will be amazed at all the features and great tools available in Ancestral Quest. Combining this with the ease of use and technical support is a win win for all!

Remember comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;) 
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