Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Product Support: Just How Important It Is...

Today as in the past, customer service for a product is just as important as the product itself and yet throughout the world this function of a business often gets lesser attention.

Ancestral Quest provides multiple types of customer service for those who use this "Easy to Use" software to manage their genealogical database. When you first go to the home page of the website at, there are 2 sections one can choose to go for help, "Support", and "Contact Us". Depending on your individual need and how you handle a problem will determine your next step. Click on "Contact Us" brings up the following screen:

At this point, depending on the type of problem, one can choose the method of contact, however, each method will get help for their software problem.

If you are the type that likes to try and figure out things for themselves, the section under "Support" could be the way to go. This is what is available under this menu item:

Each item in this list provides a different set of helps for all AQ users. The "Tips & Tricks" section covers a variety of topics beginning with "Distributing Your Multimedia Genealogy CD" and a variety of other help topics.

FAQ's covers a long list of questions from General Program Questions to a special section on PAF and AQ and additional technical questions.

The next item was just written up in AQ Will Do, and it described how to get to these videos from within the AQ program itself. The Updates section provides a way to re-down load your program if needed along with 2 sample databases. The Newsgroup will allow you to join with other AQ users who discuss various aspects of AQ and provide community help to one another.

When it comes to support and customer service, choose the best way to handle your needs but know AQ is there to help with software and technical needs in multiple ways.

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Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;) 
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