Friday, March 21, 2014

AQ: Learning about Events on Specific Dates & Building Timelines

When doing research have you even wondered what happened on a specific date but just a different year or time period?

With the help of the Internet this kind of information is relatively easy to obtain. With a few key strokes one can learn about what happened when they were born and what happened on that date over a period of time.

These sites help to create a timeline that includes events going on in the world around you. The first one of interest may be What Happened On My Birth Date? Using dMarie's website, you can easily discover all that was happening on your birthdate.

Note that there are two different customized reports. A "Quick Page" will generate a Time Capsule page for you and the "Advanced Page" allows you to add additional information by topics as well as adding your own headlines. Either way, one can easily use the results to add into one's own timeline.

The next site that is also just as interesting is Dates In History at Choose a date and it will let you know what happened on that date throughout time. Here is a sample:

While one may not wish to go back quite this far in a timeline, it does provide information up to current times!

Either way, each of these sites can help with filling in additional events in an ancestor's timeline. 

These timelines come with some preset events, however, clicking on Options allows one to add additional items, adjust the colors, etc.

Take advantage of building your timelines for your ancestors as well as yourself!

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