Friday, March 7, 2014

AQ: PAF to AQ - A Simple Task

     Are you a PAF User switching to Ancestral Quest and confused on how this is done?

     Generally individuals who are switching from PAF to AQ have been using PAF for years. It is because of the special relationship between these two software programs that switching from one to the other is rather simple.

     The windows version of PAF was created from the code provided to FamilySearch by Incline Software in 1999. PAF 4 was nearly identical to Ancestral Quest Version 3, except for the different name and a few other minor changes. PAF 5 went through some additional changes before its final release in 2002.

     Over the years, Incline Software has continued to improve upon the software, the resulting effects are that PAF users will feel right at home and be able to continue to use features they have come to expect along with new features that were created since 1999.

     When choosing to switch to Ancestral Quest, one has the option of trying out the free AQ Basic version or purchasing the full version of AQ 14, either way one will be able to view those PAF files very easily.

     Download the product you have chosen, AQ Basics or AQ 14 and install it to your computer. Once insttalled you will see an AQ Icon on your desktop like this:

Double click this icon to open up the program which will be just an empty database at this point.

     It is at this point that you look for your .paf file and double click, if you don't remember where your PAF file is, you can click on the "Search" button and the program will search for your PAF files:

     Click on the PAF file and then click on Open and your database will open up inside of Ancestral Quest!

     Note that one is in Ancestral Quest as shown in the top left hand corner and you have opened a PAF file which is evident in the lower right hand corner. At this point you can choose to continue using your database as a PAF file or convert it to an AQ file. Converting to an AQ file is covered in one of the two videos.

     We've created two videos to help with PAF files, enjoy!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

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Happy Ancestraling...
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