Friday, March 18, 2016

AQ Lists

Sometimes there are features in a program that go unnoticed until a call is made to the company to find out how to create something from the program.

Lists are one of these features in Ancestral Quest. Often a customer will contact the customer service department and ask how to create a list of "End of Line people" in their database/family file. 

This and other lists are easily made through that section within the "Reports and Charts" area in the program.

There are two ways to get to "Reports and Charts", the first way is to simply click on the Printer Icon at the top which is shown here:

The 2nd way to get to the "Reports and Charts" is by going to "File", scrolling down and clicking on "Print Reports and Charts" as show here:

Once you click on either the Icon or the Print Reports and Charts you are brought to the main menu for printing various reports and creating various charts. Click on the tab that says "Lists" and you come to this:

Notice the selection of possible lists to help you with your research. Once you have chosen the list you want, you'll need to choose the individuals to include to create the list, most often one would simply click on the 'Search Button' and then click the "All" so that everyone is included in the search you have chosen for the List Report. Here is where you'll check the "All" once you have clicked on 'Search Button'.

As you can see, clicking the drop down arrow allows you to select your whole database/family file, and then click on the 'Select' button and then "OK". This returns you to the Reports and Charts Menu box.

At this point,  you can view the report by clicking on 'Preview' and go forward with either printing the list or saving it as a PDF file to review online.

Its that simple to create this particular list as well as all that are listed there. Each list can help an individual with their database/family file as well as their research. Take advantage of these lists to help you with your family history.

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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