Monday, August 8, 2016

AQ and Apps

Regardless of what device you use the most, its likely that many have multiple devices and with that comes the need for interconnectivity.

Currently Ancestral Quest works on both a PC and a MAC operating systems with each having their own requirements. These requirements are found on our website here.

Additional devices can be handled through other 3rd party entities which are found listed on our website under "Add-Ons". 

For Apple devices we suggest FamViewer and GedView and for Android devices we suggest Family Bee and GedStar Pro.

Each of these programs will allow you to view your genealogical data on a specific device and the steps to do this are provided from each application's instructions.

They all work with a Gedcom file that is produced by your software. By reading each application's website and information one can upload the Gedcom to the digital device.

The advantages are that you always have your genealogical files with you to show and share with other family members.

Enjoy this and other 'Add Ons' for Ancestral Quest!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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