Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Choosing Genealogical Software

Lets face it, for many, genealogy is just a hobby and for others, it is a passion. Discovering one's family creates a sense of pride as well as a sense of identity and often can create greater family unity.

Regardless of the reason one begins their family history research, choosing the right genealogical software program can actually enrich your experience and enhance your research skills. It helps if a user knows what they expect the software to do for them, however, if one is brand new to genealogy, knowing what to expect can be a daunting and seemingly impossible task.

One of the first things most do is turn to their friends and ask what program they are using, however, the answers one received can add to the confusion. Another avenue is looking at reviews conducted by TopTenReviews and GenSoftReviews. Each of these sites provide ample information to help one learn about a particular software as well as a link to the software's website.

So just what makes up a good program? While there are many answers to this question, the basic needs of most genealogists/family historians would be at least the following:

  • Easy data entry (family information)
  • Easy source/documentation entry
  • Pleasing appearance to the viewer
  • Easily creates stories and/or comprehensive reports from entered data
  • Easily creates charts that show your progress as you build your family tree
  • Choices of different types of charts available to create for friends and family or simply for oneself
Ancestral Quest and the others listed above, as well as those not listed, have all these capabilities and more, however, the ease on how a product handles these minimal capabilities is what often sets a product apart from others and AQ has always been a step ahead in making it as simple as possible for a beginner yet powerful enough for the most advanced genealogist. 

Over the years, easy data entry, keyboard shortcuts, scrap-booking and excellent sourcing capabilities have been consistent award-winning features. These features in combination with professional looking charts and consistently staying updated makes AQ the perfect program for managing your genealogical and family history data.

Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;)
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