Saturday, September 14, 2013

PAF -> AQ: An Easy Switch-over...

You've finally made up your mind and decide to switch-over to Ancestral Quest so what now?

It really is rather simple and will not take long before you wonder why you took so long to decide. The program can be purchased at this time with a $10 discount here. Of course you could still be a tiny bit unsure and use Ancestral Basics for a trial run, that is perfectly fine, just click here.

Regardless of whether you are using the trial version or the full version the process is the same. Once you download the software and install it on your computer, opening the program will be the next step.

You should see a screen shot like this one on the left. With that "open" area selected you will have the opportunity to open up your PAF file right inside the Ancestral Quest program, this is one of the reasons nothing is lost.

Spend sometime in the new program, check out where various icons lead you and what is in the program, while the look and feel is similar to PAF there are many new and additional features combined with ones you are have been using all along. While in this PAF mode, you will have most of the AQ functionality but not all, there are some limitations. Note that if you are using AQ Basics, it will ask you to register your key which would be the way to get the full version, however, you can still go on and use the Basic version. If you have purchased the full version, a key would have been emailed to you and it is installed by clicking on "Help" and scrolling down to "Register Ancestral Quest" as shown here:

If you close out your file at this point, nothing will have changed in your PAF file as you did not convert it, however, if you are ready to go forward and convert your PAF database go to the on the file menu and scroll down to "Database Converter" as shown below:

Once you have saved your PAF file as an AQ file, all the functionality of AQ will completely work for you. With all your file in tact you are now ready to continue your research and working with your new program. 

Ancestral Quest has some online tutorials in their Learning Center to help an individual get more familiar with many of the new features, to go there click here. 

If there are still questions or one is unable to figure out something, there is an FAQ section here and a "Contact Us" area which includes contact by phone, email, mail or as part of a forum, either way, problems and difficulties are addressed everyday as quickly as possible.

Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;) 
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