Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Documenting Research in AQ: Select the source and attach it to the event (Only available in AQ!)

Yesterday we stepped through the process of taking an event, in this case it was a marriage, and attached the source, a marriage registration certificate.

Today we will review the steps to select this same document and attach it to other events cited in this souce, which is a little different and perhaps not as well known feature in AQ.

To do this, finish entering in all the events before you concern yoursef with further sourcing. This means entering the following:
-Marriage date and place as "17 June 1844 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales"
-Hopkin's occupation was a Collier
-Hopkin's fathers name: David Mathews
-David Mathews occupation was a Collier
-Hopkins wife's father is Richard Morris
-Richard Morris' occupation was a Miner

Let's document the above using the following steps:
1) Starting with Richards' occupation, start with using method 1 to select the same citation as used earlier as follows:

Click on 'Source' button which brings up the following screen:

Click on 'Use Memorized' to bring up the Citation you already created as follows:

Click on correct citation and then click on "USE" and it will bring up the following screen:

You need to click "OK" to save that citation on that event and it leaves with the same screen without this box, now click "Attach to Other Events" which is visible here, and the following screen appears:

Using this "Citation Links" screen, you can very quickly attach the source citation to as many events as you have recorded. Use the Search button to locate an individual or a marriage. You will be shown a list of all events for that record. Now select an event this documented by this source citation and choose "Apply to" which causes this same citation to be attached to all these events from this one screen. Once done, click on "Close" and "OK' on next two screens and then 'Save' to get back to your database.

The results of both methods will result in footnotes that show up on your Pedigree Chart, Family Group Records and all reports!

Remember comments and questions are always welcome!
Happy Ancestraling...
Claire ;)
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