Thursday, November 7, 2013

Taking Advantage of "Other" Events in AQ

     Life is amazing in that there are many things that happen to us besides being born, getting married and moving on to the next life, however, often in genealogical softwhere it is now always evident of where to put those "other" important events in ones life.

     So what constitutes an 'Other' event? Well that can actually depend upon each person. While there is a default list that comes with the program and covers 120 different events, one can easily add an 'Other' event that could be unique to their family, an organization or even a school system.

     To begin, lets start with where the 'Other' events are actually located, from the 'Edit Individual' Screen, it is in the lower half as follows:

Notice this bottom section which shows many of the 'other events' I've added for this individual.
It is worth pointing out that whenever you add another event, the program will automatically put then in date order for you. This is important as sometimes one finds out additional important occasions in an acestors life long after you've enter the main information into the database.

     To add another event, you just click on the "Add" button and this screen comes up:

Notice that there is a "Select" button at the top where you can choose from the 150 current events already listed, however, if what you are looking for is NOT there, you can just click the 'Add Type' and add it to the list, then click on the 'Select' button and proceed to enter the additional information.

     To make sure these 'Other Events' are included in your reports, make sure you click that box on the 'Reports and Charts' Screen before you print it and they will be there! This is a powerful tool as you work at buiding the complete picture of your ancestors life.

     Another great resource in Ancestral Quest!

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