Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Documenting Sources in AQ: Using Notes

     The last couple of AQ posts discussed how to document one's sources by either:
1) Selecting an Event and Attaching a Source or
2) Selecting the Source and Attaching it to an Event which is only available in AQ.

     Inspite of the ease of either of these methods, many still choose to enter all their sources into 'Notes' for a variety of reasons:

  • The ease in sharing between programs as usually the sourcing fields don't line up between software programs but the notes do
  • It is easier 
  • It is the way one has always done it
  • That is the way it was done when we first started using databases to store our genealogical information
     Regardless of the reason, Ancestral Quest allows users to enter 'individual notes' and 'marriage notes'. The program is very much aware that everyone does things just a bit differently and tries to accomodate accordingly.

     So just what is the main difference between taking the time to enter the information through sources part of the program or just simply entering the information in notes? 

The difference is in the printed end results.

     When you use sources they appear as 'footnotes' on your pedigree charts, family group sheets and reports similar to this:

     Note the corresponding numbers next to the date in 'Born' matches the same number in the Notes section of this printed Family Group Sheet and this would be the same if it were a Pedigree Chart or a Report.

     If you use notes, there would be no footnotes next to the date in 'Born' but one would see what was entered in the 'Notes section' at the end of the record. 

     When printing a Pedigree chart, you would have to put a check mark in the box 'General Notes' as you would for 'Sources' or they will not print out. For a Family Group Record those options are defaulted for you.

It is hoped this discussion on documentation has been helpful! 

Remember comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...
Claire ;)
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