Monday, May 8, 2017

Other Events

There are many events in our lives that are not on a simple family group record, if one wants to record those important events you have some choices of how and where you want to do complete that task.

So much happens to us from the time we are born, it would be impossible to have one form to cover it all. From the first day at school to purchasing your first car and entering college, there is much to share with our family, friends and descendants when that time is here.

These can be entered for any individual in the "Other Events" section for each person. When you click on them to edit them you'll get this view:

Note the "Other Events" is there with the main events in a person's life, one simply clicks on the "Add" button to choose which event you wish to document for that person. Here are the choices, the list is long and you can add your own event if it is not listed here.

At this point, you can use the scrolling bar, highlight it and click on 'Select' or click on 'Add Type' if what you need is not in this list.

With the event selected, you simply enter the information in the form and click add and it will populate the lower section of that ancestor's individual record like this.

At this point, you can close the 'Edit Individual' box or add more events. These events can be in date order using the arrows on the right. When finished, click on 'Save' and close this individuals edit screen. If you run a report this additional information will be included.

This is a great feature and allows one to add many of the wonderful events that happen in one's lifetime.

Enjoy this and all the features in Ancestral Quest 15.

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

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Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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