Monday, June 19, 2017

LDS Features

One of the key features for various genealogical software is the ability to record all types of events connected with individuals throughout their lives. For many there are Christenings or Baptisms, Confirmations, and other events which are important factors connected with a specific religious affiliations.

Ancestral Quest has the ability to add all of the various events including the ones connected with temples in the Latter-day Saint faith.

To activate these features within the program, one needs to go to Tools, scroll down and click on Preferences as follows:

In the red box, check these items shown in the red box above: 1) Use LDS Data 2) Show on Reports 3) Ordinance Codes on Child List and 4) Connect with FamilySearch. Now click OK , this is the first step. The next step will turn on the Temple Icons. 

From the main screen click on FamilySearch, scroll down and click on Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, if you have no logged in, it will prompt you to do that, once you have successfully entered your login information you'll be brought another box with 5 buttons, one of them will be "Show Temple Icons".

Click on the "Show Temple Icons" and this will close and your temple icons will be there.

Once you've followed the above steps you will have turned on the LDS features within this program. 
You will note there are other buttons there to assist you these features.

Enjoy this and all the features in Ancestral Quest 15!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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