Monday, September 16, 2013

Data Entry and Data Helps

Entering data can be a long drawn out process and yet it is necessary to record all the family births, marriages and deaths along with many other life events. To help with this process, Ancestral Quest has a "Quick Entry Place" feature which can speed up the entry of locations. It is actually located under "Edit" on the toolbar at the top of the program.

Sometimes this quick entry is a good thing as once you have entered in the actual location an event happened, it will automatically populate it if it is the same as you begin to type the location. There are pros and cons for this feature and it is good to note that it can be turned off if one wishes. In addition, you are also able to edit the "Quick Entry" section if you happen to have made a typo while entering in the locations.

To Edit this feature, go to "Edit" at the top tool bar, scroll and click "Quick Entry Place List", the following screen will come up:

To remove a listing, start typing the location, once you've located the entry, either edit it or delete it and you should be all set from that point forward.

If you don't wish to use this feature, you can easily turn it off by going to "Tools" in the same toolbar, scroll and click on "Preferences":

One can choose from "Use Quick Entry (Advanced) and/or "Use Quick Entry (Simple). There is a difference between the two. The Simple version will fill in a place name from a list of completed places that you have recently entered as AQ remembers the last 30 place entered in the order of city, county , state or province and then country.

The Advanced version will fill in the place names from a list of completed places that have already been entered and built up over time slowly by the same fields as listed above.

If you don't want either of these then simply remove the check in the check box and it will not work. There are occasions when one may want to do this, but overall I have found it to be a great time saver.

To see this in action, go to the AQ Quick Start Video and click on the "Quick Start - Entering a Family" located on the left side menu.

Tomorrow we'll discuss some additional shortcuts when dealing with data entry.

Happy Ancestraling...

Claire ;)
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