Friday, April 4, 2014

AQ: Creating Pedigree Charts

When it comes to reports, Ancestral Quest can provide you with a multiplicity of different ones as well as providing custom reports.

All the various reports are accessible from the "Reports and Charts" menu which opens up when you click on the "Printer Icon" or go to File, scroll down and click on "Print Reports and Charts". 

The Pedigree Chart is easy to read and most informative. One can print a decorative one for a wall or a practical one to see where there is missing information. Charts can also be 'cascaded', so that you can print your entire ancestry on a series of charts.

The Fan Chart can be a full circle, half a circle or a quarter of a circle and with color or without color. All these charts can handle up to 13 generations, however, for viewing here, I've only chosen 6 generations:

Using these type of charts is very helpful especially when trying to figure out where the holes are in one's research. These charts do not have to be in color and one can print a half chart or even a quarter chart, it just depends on what is needed.

An extensive break down of these charts is explained in greater detail on Ancestral Quest's website here:

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

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