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Never Married or No Children

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As we know, in life, not everyone get married, Ancestral Quest has a place to indicate when an individual does not marry. To access this, click on an individual to open up "Edit Individual" which is also accessed from the Edit menu or by using the keys for control and I together.

Note there are 3 tabs at the top, "Individual", which is the screen shown, "More", which is highlighted and "Contact". Click on the "More" tab.

We've highlighted where you can indicate if an individual "Never Married" by putting a check mark in the box. This is great for reports and for when doing research. You can forget if an individual was ever married and do research looking for a spouse only to come to the conclusion you already knew but had not marked at that time.

There are also times when a couple have no children and there is a place to indicate this also. Putting the couple in the main location on the 'Family' tab, click on the button marked "Marriage".

With the couple in this location on the "Family" tab, click the button marked "Marriage".

Note again, there is a box highlight where you can put a check in the box next to "no children".

This is also helpful on reports and such so you are not looking for children more than once.

Each of the features are available on both Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basics. These are good features to use to help prevent unnecessary research.

Enjoy this and all the features of Ancestral Quest!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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