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Lots of people like to "see" how things work before they consider an investment. Ancestral Quest is no exception and provides Ancestral Quest "Basics" for those wanting to start their own family file.

If this is a little too intimidating, you can check out how the family file will look by downloading the "Adam" sample database which is in backup format. When you download it, you'll need to "Restore" it to view how it looks in Ancestral Quest.

This particular database traces European Royalty lineage back to Adam. The file contains over 5000 individuals. The theory is if you can get back to King Edward III you've got it back to Adam. There are no sources in this file, so with a little bit of work you could add them if you wish. 

The next sample provided is a "Scrapbook Sample Database". Once you download the file, it is a self-extracting file and will create a folder called "AQ12xSample Data\" Once you locate the file, open it up to "Afton Hartley".

Once you click on Afton, open the "Edit Individual" screen and click on "Scrapbook", then "Slide Show" and you'll see the end result of a slide show with music, etc. 

To learn how to work with photos, check out the "AQ Quick Start Video" and click on the section called "Scrapbooking". Here you'll be shown how the pictures, sound and video work together.

The link to both of these samples is here. Enjoy taking a moment to learn how these features can make a great addition to your Family History!

Enjoy this and many other features in Ancestral Quest!

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

Comments and questions are always welcome!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire ;)

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