Thursday, October 3, 2019

AQ Mac Users Information

MacOS Catalina will be available this month, it is the first Mac Operating System built to support only 64-bit applications, older 32-bit applications will not work. In addition, the 235 32-bit applications will be removed from their Mac Apple Store. 

Being prepared is key concerning this Mac update. Wonder what will NOT work? Choose "About This Mac" from the Apple menu, click "System Report". Once there, scroll down to "Software" in the side bar and select "Applications". When you click on an application, check the line labeled"64-Bit (Intel)", if it says "No". it will not run on Catalina. Checking each application listed to see if it is a 64-bit version will provide one an idea of the number of programs that will no longer work including Ancestral Quest

During these last few years, the folks who provide the technical layer between Ancestral Quest and MacOS (which allows AQ to run on your Mac) have been working on a new technical layer that will convert the 32-bit workings of AQ into 64-bit workings required by MacOS Catalina. They call this technical layer a 'wrapper', and had hoped to be done by now, but they are still working on it. We hope that they will be ready before Catalina is released, but they may be a few weeks behind.

If you get a notice it is available and Apple invites you to upgrade to the new version, simply delay upgrading until we have this new 64-bit wrapper available. Delaying the upgrade will allow you to continue using AQ until this new wrapper is available. 

Remember Ancestral Quest is fully FamilySearch Certified!

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  1. MacOS Catalina is great but you are going to have to update to a compatible system to get this MacOS update. Overall, This operating system works great.

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