Monday, November 11, 2013

AQ: Honoring our Military Ancestors

     When it comes to remembering the cost of freedom, most Americans can relate and have been touched by knowing someone who has been either in the past or currently is in the military. Whether they are a relative or a friend there is someone.

     Towards the end of High School I had a class mate who lost her brother to the Vietnam War, I have uncles, cousins and brother who have fought and all I and others can do is to say "Thank You". As there are no words that really express the depth of gratitude that we all share in appreciation for what those individuals have done for all of us.

     Thomas MacKntree started the above Pinterest board for individuals to post pictures of loved ones gone but not forgotten. I suspect that this great Pinterest Military Board will continue to grow and grow throughout time to become another outstanding remembrance to those who protect our freedoms as well as love and appreciate.

     Taking this a step further, AQ allows you to post a link in your database for individuals who have links to other places online which can prove to be very helpful. For instance if you have a blog article on a military ancestor or even an online document, you can place that link in that persons individual record so you'll always have access to it.

     Open up that persons' individual screen and click on 'Scrapbook'. Next click on 'Add' and under 'Item Type', choose the appropriate description. Note that right underneath that section is a place to copy and paste a URL as well as a file location, many may only think to use this to link to something on their computer but you can also put a URL link here:



I used the drop down arrow and chose 'Other' to link to a blog article I have on this individual who died in WWII, this is how it looks:

Note that under 'Location' is the URL and if I click on 'Show' at the top it takes me right to that blog article, a very nice feature.

     However, with AQ being resident on our own PC, what would happen if you have no Internet to that page online? The easiest way to handle that is to open up the website and find where the "Print" is located, it is usually in a different place for each browser. Once you click on the "print" change the print location to a PDF file and it will capture the whole thing regardless of how many pages it may be. I would then attach the 'Document' PDF by showing its location on my own computer. This would provide me access whether online or not and is a simple way to save an online page.

    I am extremely grateful for all who have served and are serving to protect our freedoms each and every day.

   Another great resource in Ancestral Quest!

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