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AQ: FamilySearch Family Tree Certifications~What Does it All Mean?

     When FamilySearch Family Tree replaced nFS, features that were certified for nFS were no longer valid. A new set of certification requirements came into being and the re-certification process began with all FamilySearch partner products. 

     Each symbol above stands for a specific certification connected with interacting with the new FamilySearch Family Tree

Ancestral Quest is fully certified in each certification!

Let's review each certification in order to get a better understanding of how AQ  measures up to these new requirements.

     'TreeShare': the ability to fully read and write Family Tree data to match, compare, and modify records. This also includes required certification for sources, discussions, change history, and interaction with comunity members.
     'Sources': requires Tree Access or Tree Share certification. One can read Family Tree data allowing a user to match and reference online 'sources' that provide evidence of events and relationships. Sources can be records, photos, documents and media.
     'Discussions':requires Tree Access or Tree Share certifcation. One can read, write and comment on discussion treads for individual records in Family Tree.

     'Change History': requires Tree Access or Tree Share certification. One can read and list changes made by contributors to the Family Tree, sources, and discussions.

      'LDS Support': requires Tree Access or Tree Share certification. Specific data and features for 'LDS Members only' can only be accessed when the user is correctly logged into FamilySearch. Tree Access certification is necessary for reading ordinance information. Tree Share certification is necessary for requesting, changing, sharing, and printing the Family Ordinance Requests (FORs).

Extra! Additional Features with Family Tree!

'Notes' Allows users to view notes of individual records in Family Tree and exchange notes between Family Tree and the notes in their personal file. AQ is the only FamilySearch Tree Share certified program to have this feature!

     'nFS' Allows users to read other opinions of vital facts stored in new.FamilySearch (nFS). As not all information was migrated over to Family Tree this valuable information could easily be overlooked. AQ is the only FamilySearch Tree Share certified product to offer this read-only access to nFS data.

     This additional interaction with FamilySearch Family Tree combined with a long list of powerful features makes Ancestral Quest the logical choice for all your genealogical and family history database needs.

     To download the latest version click here:

Awesome new features for Ancestral Quest!

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