Thursday, January 7, 2021

AQ Tree Tips ~ Improved


Genealogical research takes a tremendous amount of time, using AQs hinting through TreeTips can help anyone researching their ancestors. Entering a few pieces of information often can return addition sources and/or new information. 

The new slick interface recently added to AQ 16 makes it even easier and leaves one plenty of room for family names in the pedigree view without truncating the names. The interface allows hints from FamilySearch Family Tree, FindMyPast, Ancestry, WorldConnect, Geneanet, MyHeritage and the individual Favorite sites added by the user. 

Note there are two sections, one for hints and one for advanced searchers, each provides links right into the connected website. Once there the user is able to copy and paste the information in and attach a new resource. If the resource is from FamilySearch FamilyTree it can be moved through the lync and sync processes. 

Two new videos showing how they work are available for view on our YouTube channel. 

The first one, TreeTips-Research Assistance built into Ancestral Quest: Complete Guid. Updated reviews the various hints and searches.

The second one, TreeTips-Research Assistance built into Ancestral Quest: Case Study takes you step by step through the process of entering some information, searching with hints and the research features, adding the information to database and sourcing it all. 

Each video provides great insights in extending your family history using the AQ's Tree Tips.

Remember Ancestral Quest is FamilySearch Compatible!

Happy Ancestraling...Claire 

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